Part Time Front Desk/ Admin/ Sales Assistant

OVERVIEW: This is a part time role approximately 10-15 hrs per week with potential for growth. The assistant will be working the front desk of our facility. You will be responsible for welcoming members and walk-ins, processing payments, tracking class attendance, returning phone calls, light maintenance and cleaning, general reporting, taking feedback from participants, explaining our class offerings and schedule including special workshops and events, and helping instructors set up classes. Detail oriented and able to leave good notes and follow established processes.


  • Responsible for: E-mail & Phone sales and membership
  • Entering client info into our system: new members & daily class check-ins
  • Reporting: Daily and Monthly reports
  • Customer service tasks: Membership and Order entry, phone calls, e-mails
  • Front Desk attendant: being first point of contact, conducting No Sweat Intro's & walk thru's
  • Retail coordinator:  input orders, stocking, ordering and reporting


  • High school graduate. 
  • Excellent verbal communication skills. 
  • Must be well organized, self motivated and can work independently
  • Must be tech-savvy. We rely on technology to communicate with our team. You don’t need to be a developer, but you’re not afraid to dive into a new app, or figure out how to use Slack, Zoom and Gmail.  Knowing Zenplanner, Excel and Word would definitely be a bonus.  
  • A Quick learner and someone who is self-motivated and can work independently. Once you are confident in what you need to do, you can run with it and don't need a lot of direction.
  • You’re cool. Yep, you read that right. We have a great team and there’s a reason for that. Every person matters. You’re friendly, easy-going, have a sense of humor, speak up when you need to, can withstand occasional sarcasm and maybe even dish it out ;)


This is an hourly paid position.  We require someone available Monday, Wednesday and Fridays for 3-4 hours per day to start between the hours of 11-4pm. ( We can be somewhat flexible on the actual time of hours to some extent, but having some flexibility in schedule and availability is a must).   We have long term growth opportunities available for the right person(s) willing to prove themselves capable, responsible, and trustworthy.