Session 2 runs July 31st (Wed) until Aug 28th (Wed) and includes:

  • 3 Booty building workouts per week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s at 7:00 am

  • 4 week Nutrition challenge to help feed those new muscles

  • Fun atmosphere and great coaching all before it gets too hot out!

Your glutes play a large role in your daily life and fitness regimen.  Are your glutes activated and firing during your workouts? Are your glutes actually working for you and not having your erectors and quads take over?  Your glutes are responsible for hip extension, abduction, external rotation, and pelvic tilting. Your glutes have another job in stabilizing your hips and spine, ensuring good posture, and reducing injury in your hamstrings and low back.  

The focus of this program will be on the many different types of stress we can put on the glutes, which will increase from week to week in areas of weight, time under tension, and volume. This program will include lots of (heavy) bridging movements as they have the highest level of glute activation (which is what we want!).  Programming will still include upper body development as well as a focus on core strength. Get ready to feel the burn!!

Cost is $179 plus taxes