We all know nutrition is the foundation of everything we do.  You can't out-exercise a bad diet.  We all know we need to eat better, form better habits, but we also all know the gap between knowing something and doing something about it can be wide.  That's where we can help.  At Crux we help you understand the basics of nutrition and give you the tools necessary to create new habits:  Structure, Support, and Accountability.


Nutrition/Keto Consultation $89

This Nutrition consultation may be all that you are looking for to get your health or weight back on track. We will go over current habits and you will learn how to implement new eating habits into your lifestyle. It may be the advice you need to help conquer any eating issues, manage anxiety or even reduce pain caused from years of inflammation. This consultation is geared toward anyone looking to lose weight, or for someone who just wants to ensure they are meeting their nutritional needs. Either way, it will be a great motivation to get started on the right foot, or just that little push you may need into a healthier lifestyle with guidelines to hold yourself accountable. A foundation is a solid start. 

Keto Consultaion - Find out if a Keto Lifestyle is right for you. Review your current eating habits and learn what simple changes you can make to lead you to ketosis. In this consultation you will receive suggestions on foods and supplements, so that ketosis is reached without sacrificing nutrition and health. You will also learn how to set up and plan a “keto day” on your phone to help you get a full understanding of how it is done so that your macro count is balanced, allowing you to reach ketosis quickly and easily.
This is not an accountability package, but rather guidance and information so you can play with keto.


4 Week Nutrition/Keto Accountability Package $299

The Accountability Package is a 4-week program as unique as you are. It is geared to help you learn as you go and supports long-term habits without being overwhelming. It includes the first week meal plan made for you and guidance in creating a new meal plan each session. This program is designed to help you sustain a long-term, healthy lifestyle rather than a diet with an end date. It includes guidelines to follow, habits to learn and weekly accountability. Video homework to watch is provided each session to help you learn as you go throughout the 4 weeks. This package will help you stay on track, set & meet goals and keep you accountable.

  • Session 1 - Consultation, 1 hour Weigh in & measurements, weekly guidelines, 1st meal plan, new information & video homework & BEFORE photo
  • Session 2-3 - 20-30 minutes each Weigh ins + weekly guidelines, meal plan guidance, new information & video homework, daily accountability
  • Session 4 - 20-30 minutes Final weigh in, measurements & AFTER photo, recap & information

Ongoing Nutrition Coaching: $69/month

Moving into your Maintenance Phase, stay accountable with monthly check ins. This option is available after having completed a customized plan. You’ll receive email access to the nutrition coach and a 20-30 min consult each month as well.

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Email info@crossfitcrux.com for information or book your package with the links above.