At CrossFit Crux we beleive that Nutrition is the foundation of every active lifestyle.

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It’s easy to feel lost in the world of nutrition with so many sources telling us what is “good”, “healthy”, “bad” or “unhealthy”. It’s normal to feeling overwhelmed by the thousands of diets, and mixed messages about what is right or most effective.

That is why we have partnered with the coaches at BODZii Inc. to bring you a full service nutrition program that is catered to your individual needs.

BODZii’s Nutrition and Lifestyle program is designed to lead you to self-improvement by creating behavioural change and ultimately help you make better decisions about what food you eat. Their coaches work with you to make outcome-based decisions that lead you to a lifestyle you can be proud of. We’re not interested a quick-fix or telling you exactly what to eat and when to eat it. We’re interested in helping you learn more about yourself and your body by establishing healthy habits, healthy minds and empowerment while working towards your ideal body composition.

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If you are ready to dive in please take a moment to look over the nutrition membership options we have to offer:

Level 1: 30 min. Nutritionist Assessment - This assessment can be completed over Zoom video conferencing or on-site during monthly visits by your coach. During this assessment, you and your goal with talk about your history of eating, your current eating habits and lifestyle, and your ultimate goals. With a better picture on where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going, your coach can build a nutrition template and mini-plan to provide you with a kick-start on your self driven nutrition journey. You will be given a set of macronutrients, a sample day based on what you currently eat, tips and trick for success, and access to BODZii’s Online learning platform, BODZii University.

BODZii University - BODZii U Basics is available to anyone who purchases a 1-on-1 coaching package. These 11 modules take you through the basics of nutritional science and go into depth on the BODZii methods of coaching. You will learn everything from what is a calorie and macronutrient to the importance of sleep and hydration for fat loss or muscle gain. Each module has a video, a short article, and a mini-quiz to test your knowledge!

Level 2: 30-minute Registered Dietitian Assessment - BODZii is staffed with a team of Registered Dietitians. Every member who choses one of our coaching options must go through a Dietitian consultation to start their journey. Similar to the nutritionist assessment, your dietitian will talk goals and recommendations with you. Additionally, your dietitian can prescribe meal plans, take an closer, in-depth look at your nutrition habits and areas of improvement, and build your starting plan with macronutrients for your coach to help you follow through.

plus Monthly Check-ins - The BODZii monthly check in option is a great option for anyone who needs a little accountability every month to ensure they’re staying on track. Every month, have a Zoom video call with your coach to talk about wins, struggles, progression and next steps through the BODZii way.

Upgrade to Level 3 for Weekly Check-ins - The BODZii Weekly check in option is perfect for anyone who is taking their nutrition seriously for the first time. Or for anyone who has serious goals and wants that regular accountability to keep them on track. Each member is responsible for emailing their nutrition coach every week with a weekly summary report. Your coach will then look at your week and give you recommendations, homework, and support moving into the next week.