If Strength, size, and muscle is what you are looking for then this is the program for you!

We are offering a 6 week program starting Jan 9th 2017 for those looking to increase:


Increase the amount of weight you can move in any direction: deadlifts, squats, pressing, jumping, throwing, dragging, pushing, carrying etc.... Any way your body can apply force, you will be doing it... You will be able to do MORE & DO IT FASTER !


Increase the amount of muscle your body has! There are so many benefits to having muscle on your body! Keeping joints healthy, being more stable in sports, having a leaner composition (that’s right, LEAN MUSCLE!) Plus you will look way better.


Improve the stature of your body. Meaning you will be heavier (AND LEAN), carry more muscle and have more usable muscle size to apply directly to life or your sport of choice. There is a difference in gaining good, beneficial, muscular weight and gaining fat. We want size in a lean and mean kind of way.



 WE WILL GUIDE YOU:  You will be under the watchful eye of an elite coach and athlete.   

Brandon holds his CrossFit L1, Weightlifting and Power lifting certifications along with a solid multi-sport background in hockey, football and rugby. He has been coaching at CrossFit crux for over 3 years now and holds some impressive stats when it comes to training.  At 175 poumds he currently Squats over 2.5 x his bodyweight, Deadlifts close to 3x BW and Bench presses approx. 2x BW.
Brandon also competed last year on a team at the 2016 CrossFit Games, is a 3 time CrossFit regional athlete and ranked 2nd in his weight class worldwide in the 2015 CrossFit Olympic lift Off and 4th in the 2014 Granite Games Team division.  

 PROGRAMMING:  You literally just show up and we will take care of the rest.  From lifts to accessory work you will be seeing gains week over week.

TECHNIQUE:  We will make sure you’re doing the program, and doing it RIGHT!  Create good movement patterns, understand why and what we are doing ,creating longevity and health throughout your training career; as it is crucial to both success in life and sport!!

INTENSITY and COMMUNITY:  Creating an environment for the results you want, means you will need intensity, accountability and friends to help you push you to be the best you can be.

Program runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30 pm ~ Starting Jan9th

Cost: $279 plus tax (6 weeks- 18 sessions)

Includes all lifting classes, nutrition, guidance, programming and accountability