The majority of people that walk through our doors have spent years sitting in cars or at desks and have not spent nearly enough time moving around. Over the years they slowly lose range of motion and mobility/flexibility (tight hips, weak glutes, limited shoulder and thoracic range etc.). What we have noticed since starting Crux is that not all of these people can jump into CrossFit classes without expecting some issues to arise. CrossFit demands good mobility and range of motion and without it, an athlete could be susceptible to injuries. We are starting these classes to address this concern with all members, new and existing.

Classes will be built around either A) hinge and press or B) squat and pull or C) Olympic lifts and power movements.  They will also include mobility, accessory work for core, shoulders, and hips as well as some breathing and bracing work.

We feel these classes will benefit all our current members and anyone new to Crux.  They will help members to develop proper movement patterns, correct and/or perfect form, dial in technique, and also help those working through an injury.  We strongly feel these classes will also help members understand where their weaknesses lie and allow them more time to work on corrective measures to alleviate any pain or fix incorrect movement patterns.

These classes will also give clear direction as to what progressions and or movements the individual should be focusing on and depending on the situation which ones to avoid when working through an injury or mobility limitation.

We want to be clear that these are not beginner classes, they are foundation classes and whether you have been with us for 7 days or 7 years, they will help you to continue to stay healthy and strong. 

  • The classes are limited to 6 people to ensure proper trainer access to all attendees.

  • The classes are 1 hour long.

  • The classes will run Monday - Thursday @ 11 am & 6:30 pm & Sat @ 11 am

  • These classes will also be on a 3-day rotation, so you will not always see the same classes on the same days. I have attached the next 4 weeks schedule for you to plan your classes.

  • These classes are included in all CrossFit membership.

Classes will be labeled on Zenplanner as MFC- Movement Foundations Class, but the focus each day will alternate.

September Schedule

September Schedule