We would like to welcome Registered Physiotherapist Julian Roach and Chiropractor Dr. Victoria West to our in house therapy facility.  

Julian has extensive experience diagnosing and treating the pain, stiffness or weakness that we all feel from time to time. Their goal is to work with you to help you move better, grow stronger and harness your body’s natural abilities. In addition, he can also identify and proactively address any mobility concerns that may be holding you back. Whether your issue is preventing you from hitting a new PR or holding a grandchild, he can help.

Julian will be working closely with the coaches of Crux to provide a comprehensive approach to physiotherapy treatment. Where applicable, Julian will use the ‘assigned care’ model of care. One-on-one sessions in the gym will be delegated to an appropriate trainer with the program prescribed and overseen by the physiotherapist. Patients will have follow-up reassessments of their progress and re-setting of goals with their physiotherapist.

Dr Victoria West has been passionately pursuing movement and fitness education for over 10 years. "It’s been an exciting challenge to determine how to maximize the benefits of moving often. This is done by learning how to most effectively and efficiently move well. Practicing moving well will result in a brain that drives movement that optimizes joint health and tissue integrity.  My commitment is to help as many as I can enjoy the incredible capacity of their bodies. I want us all to be doing complex movements into our later decades! Improvements can be made starting at any age or physical state, full of arthritis or top level athlete working for an edge. 

All therapy services are eligible to be covered under extended health care benefits. Direct billing available if your plan allows.


Julian Roach

Julian graduated as a physiotherapist from Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland in 2003. His undergraduate degree in Biological and Medicinal Chemistry was completed in 1991 at the University of Essex, U.K. Since then Julian has had a number of physiotherapy roles in hospitals, private practice and sport. He also holds an adjunct lecturer position at the University of Toronto. Below are some highlights of his career in physiotherapy.

  • 9 years as Finland’s, men’s national cricket team’s head coach and physiotherapist
  • 4 years’ experience at a London, U.K teaching hospital as a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist; managed and provided teaching to junior physiotherapist staff
  • A lead therapist at the 2015 Pan AM games’ basketball venue
  • Physiotherapist for 2018, National Indoor Masters Athletics Championships


Dr. Victoria West D.C., BASc. Kinesiology, Diploma in Health & Fitness Promotion Movement, Function, and Evidence Based Chiropractor

A neurology - biomechanics - anatomy - physiology rabbit hole, combined with working with patients daily, is a unique opportunity to challenge current health care system status quo for resolving movement related pain. 

That “Dr.” in front of my name, to me, means practicing original meaning “to teach”. My goal is to continue to learn as much as possible so that I can educate and empower those that have asked for my help in the most effective way possible. To facilitate the process of taking a body shaped by our repetitive/stationary culture into an overhead squatting machine (whatever your goal is) - there is spinal adjustments, Active Release Technique, fascial chain work, neurofunctional acupuncture, kinesiology taping, etc. 

There is more than temporary relief, masking symptoms, or taking pictures of involved structures on x-rays and MRIs for movement related pain. I work with patients that are up for the challenge and commitment of learning and working for lasting, meaningful results. I’ve immersed and invested myself in learning from game changers in both North American and European manual therapy industries how to make moving really well as simple as possible. Simple enough that anyone can do it and optimize how their tissues are loaded when they take that first golf swing of the season, pick up their grandkids, or get their next PR at Crux. 

Prague School - Dynamic Neurostabilization Strategies Educator & Provider (Weightlifting, Exercise 1 & 2, Theory A, Manual Therapy)

  • Postural Restoration Institute
  • Motion Palpation Institute
  • Neuromechanical Impulse Instrument Adjusting 
  • Active Release Technique Certified (Full Body)
  • McMaster University Medical Acupuncture Certified 
  • Running Clinic Provider
  • Integrated Therapeutic Patterning
  • Registered Yoga Teacher RYT200
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment 


Asa Tam

Asa is a knowledgeable and seasoned Strength and Conditioning professional with a decade of experience in both the collegiate and private sector. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise and Sport Science from Brigham Young University Hawaii, where he also served as a NCAA Strength and Conditioning Coach for five years. An expert in Olympic Weightlifting and sport performance development, he has trained numerous NCAA Division I and II athletes, as well as many CFL, NFL, OHL, USport and National level athletes. For the past 5 years, Asa was the Director of Athletic Development at Victory Athletic Centre in Richmond Hill. Asa is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS) and a Team USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach (USAW1).