.A few things you should know about CrossFit Etiquette

At CrossFit Crux there are a few things that we ask of you to make yours and everyone else's experience here a great one. If you have any questions about any of these things, please don’t hesitate to ask your coach about them.

1. Scale appropriately

You’ll hear this a lot at CrossFit Crux, “Our number one goal is to keep you safe”. If you don’t feel safe doing a movement, ask your Coach for another alternative to that movement;.  If your Coach tells you to use a lighter weight or scale a movement differently, listen, they are likely telling you that to keep you safe. Only do what you know you can do, and don’t push boundaries for the sake of pushing them. Your coach will tell you when it’s okay to go heavier, or faster.

2. How to use Chalk

Chalk should be used when your grip is compromised to the point where you can’t hang onto the bar anymore. If you feel like your grip is failing you, a light dusting of chalk will do. The more chalk you put on, the more likely your skin in to tear under the friction of your hand on the bar (pull up bar that is), hence a light dusting. Chalk must be left in the chalk bucket, you don't need to bring hunks of chalk all around the gym, it just makes a mess. Rubbing chalk onto equipment is also a no-no. Heavy sweaters (you know who you are), please bring a towel with you, wipe off your hands, and then apply a light dusting of chalk. This prevents huge chalk build up on the bars.

3. How to Drop Weight

Dropping weight should be a necessity and not a convenience. Always keep your weight under control so it doesn’t bounce or roll into your fellow athletes, and never drop an empty barbell, dumbbell or kettlebell. Refer to the first sentence in point #1. Please refrain from dropping weight any higher than waist level if you must.  The consistent dropping of smaller weights (specifically the 10#) causes damage to the plates.  

4. Putting Equipment Away

Please put equipment away in an organized manner but only when everyone else has finished the workout. It is super distracting and disheartening for the people who are still working when someone is cleaning up equipment. Always put equipment back before moving onto the next task, again, see first line of #1.

5. Sign Up for Class, and be on Time

It’s important for your coach to know when you are coming, and what class sizes will look like. We usually max out at 14 athletes per class here at CrossFit Crux, so make sure you sign up to ensure your spot. Please also be on time for class. Usually arriving about 5 min early to class is enough time to change your shoes and get ready to be on the floor. Even arriving one minute late makes it difficult to keep the class running on time and is a hindrance to everyone else.

6. Introduce Yourself to Newcomers (or people you don’t know)

We already have an AWESOME community of people here at  CrossFit Crux and we want to get as many people involved in this life changing experience as we can! Also, once you’ve been here for a bit, try and remember what it was like when you were new and how intimidated you may have been. Just introducing yourself could make a world of difference to someone.

7. Count Your Reps/Weights

Progress is measured in numbers. If you lose count, the next number is one. At first it’s going to be hard to keep track of which round or rep you are on, but you’ll get the hang of it. (we also have some great poker chips that can come in handy for counting rounds).   Enter your result on tour app “SugarWod” , so you know how you are progressing.

8. Always Cheer for the “Last Man Standing”

Always be ready to support each other, sometimes all someone needs is a few words of encouragement to get through their next set. Be the reason they did something they didn’t think was possible.

9. Leave the Box just as Clean, or Cleaner than when you Arrived.

Take off your muddy boots, clean up spilled water, reorganize skipping ropes, see “how to use chalk”. With the amount of people who come in and out of the doors in a day it can be a little overwhelming to tidy up after everyone who leaves an empty water bottle laying around. We love giving you the best coaching and seeing you progress, help us concentrate on that by doing your part to keep the gym clean.

10. Barbell Etiquette

Use the largest plates you can when loading the barbell, for example: why use two 10’s and a 5 if you could use a 25lb plate? Always load the largest plates first, followed by smaller weight plates, with the smallest change (those metal plates) on the outside. This will help to save the longevity of our bumper plates ..see #3 above.   

11. Lost and Found

Sometimes we get so excited about the WOD, or the social time after that we accidentally leave sweaters, water bottles, shoes, etc. at the box. These items will be placed into the lost and found near the front door. If your item has not been picked up within 2 months, it will be generously donated to the Salvation Army or charity of our choice. These donations will occur regularly, so please be sure to check this box if you’ve misplaced something.

12. Kids in the gym

We love em but we need to give them rules too:  If your child is coming to the gym with you, please make sure they remain on one of the couches we have available and have something to keep them busy for the duration of the class.  They are not allowed to be climbing on rings, equipment etc.  This is what Kids youth class is for.  This is a safety concern for all of us.   Please also make sure to clean up after your kids.  This includes food, drinks and any belongings.