I believe God has blessed me with physical abilities.  Running, jumping, lifting, climbing, etc are all expressions of that fitness. These blessings from God are used directly in CrossFit and my training.  I LOVE working out, pushing my bodies limits and breaking down barriers people (and myself) thought were impossible.

Training, to me, is also a direct reflection to how we live our lives.

Do you quit when things get tough? How do you handle challenges and obstacles that seem to overcome you? Do you have delayed gratification or seek the easy way out? I believe the gym is a training platform for our life and is another reason why I have so much passion for CrossFit and physical fitness.

Another passion I have is to teach. I feel privileged to be able to share and coach others at CrossFit Crux; share my knowledge as a coach to our members.

Seeing our athletes progressing is so incredibly inspiring for me. The members can take that progress and apply it directly to their lives either through the means of living a healthier lifestyle, looking fabulous or being mentally strong to face lifes challenges; but one thing remains is that they are better humans in having done so... This is what is awesome about coaching.

My former career as a flight instructor, prepared me well for the challenges of teaching people CrossFit. The similarities are many (except CrossFit people aren't trying to kill you... Well .....maybe they are after all) and I get to use the teaching techniques I have learned in aviation and directly apply it to CrossFit coaching.

In addition to that, I have obtained and participated in:

CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Weightlifting , Hanni Kanama Weightlifting

 7th- 2013 CrossFit Games Canada East Regionals

10th -2014 CrossFit Games Canada East Regionals

6th - 2015 CrossFit Games Canada East Regionals