Be your own superhero!

By Coach Cindy

How many of you have said these words, “ today will be different, today I am going to make that first step towards a healthier me” but then you hit snooze on the alarm? Or maybe you tell yourself that you are going to start meal prepping on Sundays, but then Monday rolls around and you haven’t even been to the grocery store?

You get mad at yourself each time and swear this time it will be different.  But then another week passes by, maybe even a month, and you are at the same place you were 2 months ago (maybe even a little more out of shape)  Eventually, you just stop thinking about it and give up. “It’s not worth the fight with yourself”. Or is it?

Do you want to be better at your sport, or are you happy getting winded after the first min of play?   Would you like to be the fun grandparent that can play with the kids; or the one that is afraid to get down on the floor to play, because you may not be able to get back up? Do you want to live a longer, more fulfilling and active lifestyle into your golden years, or just hope you have good genetics? Whatever you want, you need to make the first steps to make it happen.

We have people every week contacting us because they want something different. Everyone has their own “why” they want to start. The conversation usually starts with them saying they want to look better. However, after asking “why?” a few more times, it gets down to the real reasons. Try it. Ask yourself “why?”

No one here cares if you don’t know what a kettlebell is, or that you can’t do a pull-up YET!  No one here cares if you haven’t been working out for 20 years. No one here cares where you are when you get started. But everyone cares when you start. Because unlike your day to day life, here we celebrate even the smallest of successes. It’s what motivates us. And will motivate you.

Don’t look at anyone else, just the one person you see in the mirror each morning. Be your own superhero.

Be your own Superhero!

Be your own Superhero!