Arrive Each Day Striving To Do Better Not Reaching For Perfection


By: Coach Carla

How do you track your progress? Here at Crux we utilize specifically designed programming and regularly test our skills.  

Why you ask? Using a metric helps us look at our training more objectively. 

Here are a few other ideas 💡 to help you reach your goals!

✅ Take photos and videos of your movements. NOT selfies and snapchats! If you can’t see your own improvements look at utilizing one of our coaches here at crux to help shine some light and improve those progress markers.

✅ Track your sets, reps, weights and split times on sugarwod 

✅ Track outside factors that may impact your training sessions. How many hours of sleep did you get? How is your diet.... did you eat your greens 🥬 ? And lastly how are your stress levels?