The Grind...Fall edition

We are once again offering up our Grind program this Fall with an added emphasis on the following:

  • Fixing imbalances and weak spots found on most CrossFitters

  • Anaerobic conditioning

  • Strengthening core muscles

The goal of the program is to get you stronger, but also healthier by making you a more balanced athlete.  Much of the focus will be on the strongman movements (including sleds, yoke and weighted carries). Not just because they are a lot of fun, but also because they are great natural movements that your body will react very positively to. They are also low skill, so there is no reason to quit an exercise unless you just can't take another step.

This class is called The Grind for a reason.  There will be a lot of hard work. It will get uncomfortable. You will be asked to push yourself to the edge of your current limits.  But that is exactly where all the good stuff happens.

"The Grind" details:

We are offering to run 2 sessions if the demand is there.  The options are as follows:

Session A: Monday & Friday 10:30 am - 12 pm (please note: this will run during 3 OPEN wod Fridays in late Oct)


Session B: Monday and Thursday 10:30 am - 12 pm (to avoid Open Fridays)

Session C: Wednesday 6 :30pm - 8 pm and Sunday 10:30 am - 12 pm (New time Wed nights)

The format will be a 1.5 hour coached class . You can come early to get warmed up!  

The focus will be on all of the aspects of resistance training that I have outlined and will progressively build throughout the 8 weeks.  These classes will be hard work, but it takes hard work to build a stronger, more durable you.

This is a 2-month commitment and membership is priced as follows:

Grind ONLY - (2 - 1.5 hour grind classes per week plus Open gym access) - $159+ tax/mon

Grind plus 2 classes per week (includes open gym access) -  $219+tax/mon

Grind plus Unlimited classes per week (includes open gym access) - $239+tax/mon

Your current membership will be placed on hold for the duration of the program.  You will need to prioritize your sleep, diet, and recovery outside of the gym in order to hit both of the classes as hard as you can.  You can't cheat the grind....