Get That Spring Back In Your Step

By: Coach Paige

I don’t know about you, but I don’t dedicate enough time for stretching/mobility work. Lately I have found my “spring” is not very “springy” and my explosiveness is just....not.   I believe it is related to being really tight from limited stretching of key muscle groups on a consistent/daily basis.  

They say it takes 21 days to change a habit, so I am going to try and build a NEW habit of stretching after every workout.  I thought I would share this in case anyone else is feeling similar.  

I spend most of my day at a desk at work and while I do try to get up and walk every hour or so, I don’t stretch nearly enough. Also, with life so busy, it is often everything I can do to fit in the hour WOD 3-4 times each week, let alone committing to daily stretching routines. Sound familiar??

So....Here is my plan:

  1. prioritize what I believe are the best 3-4 stretches to do AFTER lower body day WOD and the same for upper body day.  

  2. keep it to a max of 15 mins post the class or at home in the evening, if I need to leave right away.  

  3. For lower body I am prioritizing hips and glutes given the amount of time I spend sitting.  Sitting weakens the glute muscles and shorten the hip flexors and if not addressed could put additional pressure (negative) on the lower back.  

  4. For upper body, I am going to focus on opening the chest and reinforcing good posture - again, something that can degrade with excessive sitting.  

 To keep things focused, I have chosen the following.  These are by no means the “best”, they are simply ones that I believe will work best for me to focus on, for my first “30 day habit-building challenge!!”  Also, I want to stay within 15 mins to ensure I stick with it consistently. I can always add in a mobility class or additional work if desired.  

  1. Stretches for post lower-body WOD dayPigeon stretch 

  2. Pretzel stretch

  3. Twisting glute stretch

  4. Couch stretch 

Stretches for post upper-body day

  1. Door way stretch

  2. Face pulls

  3. Supermans

  4. Wall slides

  5. Cat/cow

  6. Bird/dog

Some of these you may recognize these from our warm-ups.  If you are not familiar, just google or ask one of the coaches!  

 See you at the gym (hopefully stretching!).