4 Ways Wallballs Can Suck LESS

By: Coach Michelle

What makes the wall ball such a killer? It is a full body movement that involves multiple metabolic pathways and two weightlifting movements, the front squat and push press. 

Maximize efficiency in your wall balls with these tips:

  1. Begin with the basics - in order to do wall balls properly, you need to be able to perform front squats and push presses with proper form. If you’re not efficient in one or both, start by practicing them before moving on to improving your wall balls. Remember, proper scaling ensures you are completing a workout as designed by the experts. 

  2. Use your explosive power! - Extend the hips fast and throw the ball up hard. This movement should be smooth and quick, there is no pause between the squat and toss. 

  3. Ball and hand position - You want to keep the ball as close to your body as possible during the entire movement. The ball will feel heavier the further away from your body it is. Your hands should cradle slightly beneath the ball to ensure your elbows and chest stay high and upright.

  4. Stand the right distance away from the wall (or target) - standing the wrong distance away from the wall causes you to use unnecessary energy. The correct distance is found by placing the ball in two hands with your arms fully extended. When the ball touches the wall then you have your position.