Meet Our Members | Nataile Wood


Natalie has been a member at Crux for just over 5 years now and the gains she has made have not gone unnoticed. Natalie has developed into one of our hardest workers, coming to the gym 4-5 days per week and sometimes doing more than one class a day. But what impresses most about Natalie is that she uses her strength and stamina developed in the gym to lead a full and active life outside the gym. When she isn't at Crux, she can be found on her daily 5 km walk with her dogs (usually pre-workout) or cooling down with her bike ride home. She is active throughout the year riding, walking, hiking or skiing. Natalie has also used her time at Crux to learn more about nutrition and clearly has her diet on point to fuel such an active lifestyle. I've never met anyone that embraces daily activity quite like Natalie and I have no doubt that even those half her age would struggle to keep up.

Natalie, you continue to impress us with all that you do. You are a great role model for everyone who walks through our doors! (and we are so happy that you did!) Coach Cindy

What brought you to CrossFit Crux?
A friend told me to come join Sweat Angels because it was fun. So I did and slowly started my Crux journey.

What was your first impression? Has it changed?
I have always found Crux classes to be challenging and since every class is different it keeps me motivated. Some things scared me at the beginning, like the barbell work and running. Now that I am slowly progressing with the barbells I am enjoying them. Running still scares me!!

What ‘s your favourite thing about or memory at Crux?
My favourite thing about Crux is the friends I have made. They keep me laughing, motivated and energized. The Crux community is so supportive and inspiring.

What is your favourite Lift/Workout?
I am not sure I have a favourite lift as I feel like they are all a challenge for me. What I love is burpees!!! I couldn’t do one burpee when I started and although I still find them challenging, I can tell how far I have come by the number of burpees I can do now. I also love sandbag carry and sled drag.

What motivates you?
My friends motivate me, I hate when I miss a workout with them. And chocolate motivates me, I figure I have earned it after workout!😁

Advice to someone getting started?
Don’t let the first few classes scare you. Take a look at everyone around you and how they may scale a workout or at how dedicated they are and ask questions and have fun knowing you got through a workout and everyday you will see an improvement.