How To Master The Handstand Walk

By: Coach Michelle

Handstand Walks are fun to do but frustrating to master! Unlike other CrossFit movements it can be difficult to find a suitable progression. Here are some of my favourites, that include using a wall, that have helped me “master” the Handstand Walk.

1. Kick up to the Wall – get comfortable being upside down. If it’s your first time kicking up, ask a coach to help! Just remember, kick hard, the wall isn’t going anywhere

2. Wall Walks/Nose-to-wall Handstand Holds - in a push-up position with your feet against the wall walk your feet up the wall while simultaneously walking your hands back towards the wall. Keep your core as tight as possible. Try holding a handstand here with only your nose and your toes are touching the wall. This will naturally keep you in a stronger hollow body position and it will allow you to support weight in your stable shoulders and not on the wall. If you haven’t mastered a hollow hold on the ground, start with that.

3. Shift your weight – begin by allowing your weight to shift from one side to another. Start small! As you get comfortable start bringing one hand off the floor. When you are handstand walking you don’t actually have 2 hands evenly planted on the ground. Your weight is constantly shifting from one arm to the next as you move forward.

4. Shoulder Taps – for a more advanced version of shifting your weight bring your hands higher off the ground by tapping your shoulders. Master same hand, same shoulder first, then move onto opposite shoulder and hand to spend more time “off balance.”

*General tips when working on your handstand walks (and all progressions)… keep your core tight, feet together and pointed and squeeze your butt!

Once you’ve mastered these progressions speak with me, Coach Michelle, about what comes next!