FNL 19.2 Recap: T2B + Skipping + Squat Clean

Week 2 did not disappoint! As expected, 19.2 brought us some higher skill movements. Couple that with the set time intervals where you are forced to beat the clock, and you know it’s going to be a challenging WOD. We saw tons of resilient faces out there. The barbell with ascending weight kept everyone very determined - despite some failed attempts, all pushed hard to the last second and gave it all they got. A few athletes even made it to the final round! Lucy and Jess put forth a fantastic effort and got multiple reps in of the final squat clean, while Ayden and Peter fought tooth and nail on the male side. Many athletes got out of their comfort zone and tried Rx even though they weren’t sure which version of the WOD to complete, and surprised themselves! Of note this week, as well, was the spirit embodied by all team members as a cohesive group as opposed to any one individual, which is why we opted to award team spirit points instead. Keep it up, #cruxnation... and go get after those Bingo game points!

Crux Intramural Open Standings for 19.2:

TEAM ONE:  Aggressively Average

TEAM TWO:  Weights with Mates


Rx Division:

1st  Kris Kobold / Sue Guadagnano

2nd Mike Pagniello / Carla Neilly

3rd Rob Purdy / Mysty Rennette

Scaled Division:

1st Kevin Devogel / Lucy Lombardo

2nd Ayden Hughes / Jessica Ziegler

3rd Casey Todd / Lynne Harrington

Spirit of the Open (Team):

Team Youngblood

Aggressively Average


John Tarantello

Tatiana Lebedeva

Standings after 2 weeks:

1st: WOD we get into?

2nd: EMOM! The Meatloaf!

3rd: The Barbellas and Just here for the Bacon

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