MORE TIME AT CRUX! - Dr. Victoria West

I am excited to offer more availability at Crux starting April 9. Morning and late evening sessions will be available throughout the week and weekends.

Starting a part time practice at Crux has been my favourite career move so far. The results at Crux have impressed me and surprised me on more than one occasion, and those who own those results didn't come for tons of hands on "treatments" - they did the work diligently. Compared any other patient base I've been a part of, the members at Crux are a "gold standard" when it comes to their commitment to the work between sessions - for real, I brag to my practitioner friends . That means instead of being a doctor that treats the same issue over and over and over and over again, I get to do something different every time patient comes in because they are typically constantly improving between sessions until they are where they want to be. I decided to leave my downtown practice this month so I could make more time to do that, and less of the "over and over" - because it's THE BEST. 

The Open showed us that the Crux community is high functioning. We push the boundaries of our abilities constantly and don't settle in with the general population leaving their mobility on the couch and their fitness level category at "goes for walks". 

You are my people! I have based my entire practice (/life) on being able to work with anybody's start point for movement and fitness and improve it, until there is nothing left in the "I want to be able to do that" list. I am committed to working with you for permanent improvements, speeding up your recovery from injuries, constantly learning, and adapting my practice to the needs of the Crux community. 

No matter your injury riddled history or prior aches and pains, their is better always on the table and I'd be happy to work with you to get it. 

Online booking is available at "". 

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