FNL 19.5 Recap: Thrusters + C2B / Pull ups

Well, since this isn’t our first rodeo, we knew 19.5 would bring thrusters in some capacity. Were we expecting a horrific twisted Super Fran? A more than double C2B version of Fran??! No. No, we were not. This final Open WOD was probably more about grit than any other so far. Thrusters are just soul-crushing. 105 of them, no less, more than in any other Open WOD to date, made this workout almost unfathomable. The push of thrusters with the pull of C2B is a nasty pairing, but everyone rose to the occasion as always. Special mentions go to Mike P. and Peter for completing 19.5 Rx within the time cap, and Kathleen and Enza for surprising themselves with the number of chest to bar pullups they got through! Very impressive on all accounts. Despite changing up the format a little this year, we couldn’t be happier with how the (first) 2019 Crux Intramural Open went down! We are so proud of all of you for pushing your limits, leaving your comfort zones and getting a little (okay, maybe a lot) uncomfortable. The support of a like-minded community is incredibly powerful, and we hope you are all proud of yourselves too!

Stay tuned for #2019cruxopen2 coming your way this October!!!

Crux Intramural Open Standings for 19.5:

TEAM ONE:  Just Here For The Bacon

TEAM TWO:   Kipping It Real

TEAM THREE:   Absolut WODka / Armed & Hammered


1st: Just Here for the Bacon

T-2nd: EMOM! The Meatloaf!

T-2nd: Absolut WODka

Rx Division:

1st  Mike Pagniello / Carla Neilly

2nd Kris Kobold / Paige Savery

3rd Peter Fintelman / Kathleen Crowley

Scaled Division:

1st Dave Jones / Suzanne Romanowitch

2nd Brian Munoz / Jessica Ziegler

3rd Ryan Howard / Vanessa Santolin

Spirit of the Open:

Tyler Alden

Tracy Watts


Ian Watts

Enza Hughes

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