Meet Our Members | Jessica Ziegler

Whether in a MetCon or CrossFit group, you’ll know her by her determination to improve. Always early to class, Jess is ready to put in the time required to achieve results. Even when she’s nervous about unfamiliar movements (kipping upside down onto the wall, for example), Jess attacks these with the kind of relentlessness and firm belief in her own abilities that virtually guarantees that she will succeed eventually. When all of this is combined with a fun and infectiously friendly personality, you get the sort of athlete who’s always a pleasure to coach: Jess. Coach Kris

What brought you to CrossFit Crux? 

 I joined Crux on a whim a few years ago after I had signed up online for an 8 class trial package to “sweat angels”.  It was a Christmas gift to myself and on a serious note, probably the best gift I’ve ever received (even if it was from myself).  I remember making my sister purchase the package with me because I was too scared to do it alone.  Looking back, I think my intention was to try it out, build a repertoire of some new movements, gain some new knowledge and move on. I’m laughing as I write this because I haven’t missed a month at Crux since!


What was your first impression? Has it changed?

 My first impression of Crux was that it was a little intimidating. No doubt, you walk into this loud, chaotic gym full of banging weights and fit (seriously – I mean fit) men and women. I felt a little bit like I didn’t belong. So much – that it took me over three years to make the switch from Metcon to CrossFit classes.  Now, I am one of those weight bangers! It actually brings me so much joy and satisfaction when I get to throw that barbell down to the floor as hard as I can! I’ll never forget the time Carla told me during a high rep clean and jerk WOD that I was actually wasting energy putting the barbell down so cautiously and nicely...and I haven’t looked back since! As a side note, those Metcon classes are my arch nemesis now – Courtney’s programming is tooooooo spicey.


What ‘s your favourite thing about or memory at Crux?

 My favourite thing about Crux is the community. Crux is where I go when I am mad, sad, happy and also doing just fine. It is where I feel most myself. The people make it worthwhile for me! The privilege of being a part of this community of coaches and members like ours is something you don’t and will never experience at your average gym.  


What is your favourite Lift/Workout?

 My favourite workout is definitely Murph. I love running so I find it is something I can do well at even when I’m seriously sucking on everything else. That being said, each year I’ve completed it, I’ve seen progress. I’ve gotten a little bit faster or moved from a modified version of the movement to the Rx movement. This year, I’m ready to tackle the pull ups head on, for the first time.  


What motivates you?

Food. No, just kidding – my motivation is the progress.  Every day, I see and feel my muscles getting a little bit tighter and my body a little bit stronger. I’ve grown to love the burn of sitting down after squat day or picking up a pencil at work, they seem so overrated now!


Advice to someone getting started?

Get prepared for a serious addiction. CrossFit is and can be for anyone and everyone. I always have people tell me, “Oh my god, I see you post about your workouts on social media (there’s a Crossfit joke in there somewhere), I can’t do that stuff!” I usually spend the next ten minutes going over every reason why that person CAN DO THAT STUFF!  My other piece of advice to new members would be to dive right in! I spent so much wasted time being afraid to try new movements and heavier weights out of fear of not succeeding. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.