By: Coach Courtney

Hand up if you have ever felt guilty or as if you were slacking off for taking a day off the gym?

Does anyone have the mindset that you want to get the best ‘bang for your buck’ out of your unlimited membership and come to as many classes as possible?

Are you the person that comes to class complaining about your aches and pains?

If you answered yes to any of these questions perhaps you need a day off.  Yes - A DAY OFF

Think of it more as a growth day - not an off day.  A growth day can allow us to build more muscle and allow your central nervous system to get back to normal functioning.  You will continue to grow muscle faster and improve performance the next time you show up.  We can sometimes find ourselves going in circles by continually wearing out our bodies and not allowing our muscles the chance to properly recover before they have to do it all over again - leading to plateaus in our performance.  

If you often come to the gym to get out of the house, or to de-stress from the day, or it has simply become a habit - what on earth would you do if you took a day off?  How about using the day to spend 20-30min mobilizing, meal prep for the week or the next few days, self-care, or anything else you love to do outside of the gym.

You have our permission to not feel guilty about taking a growth day.