FNL 19.4 Recap: Snatches + Burpees + Bar Muscle ups / Pull ups

March 15, 2019

19.4 brought another first for the CrossFit Games Open: built-in 3 minute rest! 3 rounds for time followed by 3 minutes of rest followed by 3 rounds for time...with a 12 minute cap. And what about those burpees - they just casually slipped back in the old pre-2018 burpee standard where the feet can move out and in independently of each other. It was so rewarding seeing so many push through multiple pull ups in that second couplet, and lots of bar muscle up attempts as well! Congratulations to Ariel and Ian for getting their first bar muscle ups in a WOD! It was also so much fun seeing all the teams accumulating bingo card points these past two weeks. Your coaching staff thank you for all the yummy snacks ;) So...since ALL the burpees showed up in 19.4, what will thrusters be paired with for 19.5?   

Crux Intramural Open Standings for 19.4:

TEAM ONE:  Aggressively Average

TEAM TWO:  Absolut WODka

TEAM THREE: Weights with Mates / Shrug Life

Standings after 4 weeks:

1st: EMOM! The Meatloaf!

2nd: WOD we get into? / Absolut WODka

3rd: Just Here for the Bacon

Rx Division:

1st  Ryan Smith / Carla Neilly

2nd Dale Bagdon / Sue Guadagnano

3rd Steve Purdy / Ariel Teeuwen

Scaled Division:

1st Rhett D’Andrade / Jessica Ziegler

2nd Brian Munoz / Vanessa Santolin

3rd Jeremy Parsons / Shivana Shamseer

Spirit of the Open:

Ian Watts

Victoria West


Dave Jones

Kathleen Crowley

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