FNL 19.3 Recap: Lunges + Step ups + HSPU...STRICT!

Another year, another new movement appears in the CrossFit Games Open. Strict handstand pushups, for both Rx AND scaled! ...if your legs let you get there.

All the lunges and all the step ups were definitely enough to cause some soreness for a few days! If you finished and got to the wall, you had the opportunity to give it all you could on a very challenging maneuver. Being upside down is a feat in and of itself, whether on your hands or on your head. But put those two together? An impressive task. Many of our athletes channeled their inner gymnasts and got quite a few. This was definitely the week of the teens, as Steven and Brooklyn both came in first for the scaled division. Madeline, one of our other teens in her very first Open, was initially a little disheartened and incredibly nervous about the handstand pushups but was able to get FOUR! As always, we love seeing the camaraderie within and amongst all the teams during Friday Night Lights. The extra help and support cheering, judging, photographing, cleaning up...it certainly does not go unnoticed. We have the best community! P.S. We’ve got a tight race at the top of the leaderboard. It’s still anyone’s game!

Crux Intramural Open Standings for 19.3:

TEAM ONE:  Abdominal Snowmen

TEAM TWO:  Burpees & BEvERages

TEAM THREE: EMOM! The Meatloaf!

Standings after 3 weeks:

1st: WOD we get into?

2nd: EMOM! The Meatloaf!

3rd: Just Here for the Bacon

Rx Division:

1st  Ryan Smith / Mysty Rennette

2nd Steve Purdy / Sue Guadagnano

3rd Kris Kobold / Carla Neilly

Scaled Division:

1st Steven Smith / Alysha Bagdon

2nd Brian Munoz / Brooklyn Bagdon

3rd Rhett D’Andrade / Lucy Lombardo

Spirit of the Open:

Dale Bagdon

Tamara Paulik


Josh Wang

Madeline Fintelman

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