Our focus today is on the importance of FUNdamentals. We lift heavy weights, perform complex movements, and push ourselves to the limit. The FUNdamentals ALWAYS pay off or catch up sooner or later. In order to progress safely and efficiently, your journey starts at the beginning – FUNdamentals. Learn them and constantly improve them.

Want to squat 200lbs? First you need to learn an air squat. Want to perform a muscle up? First you need pull up, dip and core strength. These basics translate to all sports, various activities, and living healthy pain-free life. Even the best athletes in the world learn and relearn the FUNdamentals.

Technique + Consistency -> Intensity

Intensity = Results

Coach Michelle

p.s. For FUN, why not check out the tutorial we created for demonstartions of all the CrossFit movements.