Quality over Quantity

All too often as athletes, we start to focus more on how quickly we are moving through our workouts and it can come at a cost that almost always outweighs any potential benefit. Bad technique is amplified when we move “for time.”

Learning the proper technique to a movement does require a few key things:

  1. Be Coachable - always be a student & continue to ask for feedback. We try as coaches to provide each athlete individual feedback but don’t be afraid to ask a coach to take a look to help you nail down form.

  2. Understanding the movement - your ultimate goal should be to master form on every movement. This will allow you to move more efficiently & reduces the risk of injury.

  3. Understanding the purpose of your workout. If you don’t know, ask. This will help you know when to push yourself, chose the right weight and keep your pace where intended. Think Sprint vs. Chipper. You would choose very different scaling based on the intent of the workout and that is our ultimate goal for all athletes; to finish their workout with the intended stimulus.

So during your next class think quality of the movement over how fast and how many reps......ALL DAY LONG!

Coach Mysty