FNL 19.1 Recap: Wall balls and rowing

The #2019cruxopen kicked off on last Thursday night with the announcement of 19.1, donuts and NUTRL’s (of course). Wall balls and  rowing! …. some were scared, some were thrilled, ALL were excited to get started with this year's Open! We saw our athletes, both seasoned vets and rookies alike, compete hard and lay it all on the floor. Kris got lost in the "cold Canadian wilderness”, a lot of athletes pushed themselves to receive an RX score and we saw an awesome group of teens take on their very first Open. The energy and enthusiasm felt throughout the gym was infectious. #CRUXNATION was out in full force, so let's keep the momentum going! What is in store for us next?

PS. Thank you to everyone who supplied drinks and snacks for our Friday Night Lights kick-off party!
PPS. The Open Committee LOVES seeing your pictures so keep 'em coming.

Crux Intramural Open Standings after 19.1:

TEAM ONE: WOD we get into?
EMOM! The Meatloaf
Just here for the bacon

Rx Division:

1st Brendan Stevenson / Kathleen Crowley

2nd Matt Traub / Carla Neilly

3rd Gavin Howe / Vanessa Santolin

Scaled Division:

1st Julian Salazar Lopez / Tamara Paulik

2nd Brian Munoz / Lindsay Irwin

3rd Alysha Bagdon

Spirit of the Open: 

Casey Todd
Jennifer Long


Mike Pagniello
Christina Julien

Check out the FB Page for all the 19.1 Photos.