Earn the Numbers, Don’t Chase the Numbers

By: Coach Allen

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CrossFitters are constantly urged to track their numbers and celebrate their personal records. The data itself is invaluable to an athlete’s progress not only from a goal-setting perspective but as a tool to help effectively guide training. Be careful though: setting PR’s is incredibly addictive and it is really easy to get caught up “chasing numbers” and the high that comes from achieving them.

The irony in this, however, is that the stronger/fitter we get and the more mature our movements become, the harder it is to reach new heights. In some cases, this difficulty can end up resulting in disappointment, anger, and self-doubt. The way to avoid this is by switching your focus from results to effort. Come to the gym every day, put your head down and go to work.

Embrace the grind and learn to rejoice in the corresponding effort. Trust your coaches, trust the programming, and trust the process. You will be amazed at what you can achieve when you stop chasing numbers and start earning them.