The 2019 CrossFit Crux Open

The Open: February 21 – March 21

 Let me begin by introducing you to your Open Committee (OC) – Marianne, Allen and me (Michelle!). This year’s update to the Crux intramural’s is a culmination of many brainstorming sessions shared over fancy cups and brunch. The focus this year is on the workouts and charity! Participants will compete in teams of FOUR (you will register with a partner and be assigned to a team of four by the OC). Don’t fret if you don’t have a partner, SIGN UP ANYWAY and we’ll pair you up.

 Registration fee is $25.00/person.

 Where does my registration fee go? 100% of the registration fee will go toward a charitable donation of the winning team(s) choice (*prize amounts are based on 100 people signing up and may change based on registrations); $1,500 to First Place, $700 to Second Place, $300 to Third Place. Teams will declare the charity they are competing for at the start of the Open.

Friday Nights
Rather than having a team (or a couple of teams) host a night every Friday we will have the focus be on the workouts, however we still encourage people to come watch and cheer on their fellow Cruxers (BYOB). There will be a KICKOFF in the first week and CELEBRATORY PARTY in the last week – details for this will be released closer to those dates. 

 Most importantly, how do you earn points?


  • 1 Point for completing the workout

  • 2 Points for completing the workout on Friday night

  • 5 points for signing up online

  • 1 point for choosing a team name

 Performance (RX / Scaled & Men / Women) – 12 people awarded weekly

  • First Place – 3 Points

  • Second Place – 2 Points

  • Third Place – 1 Point

 Spirit of the Open – 2 people awarded weekly

Spirit of the Open acknowledges not only what an athlete accomplishes but how they accomplish it. These winners will exhibit outstanding motivation and actively support the other athletes on the floor. Ask yourself, who exhibits extraordinary character in a field of already extraordinary human beings? Who inspires and motivates us to live life, even in the face of the most extreme challenges, with a little more grace, a little more kindness, a little more resilience?

  • Must be present on Friday night

  • 3 Points

  • One male and one female winner

#CRUXNATION MVP – 2 people awarded weekly

#CRUXNATION MVP is an award that acknowledges what athlete accomplishes during the workout. Ask yourself, who left it all on the floor? Who hit a PR or tackled a new skill they’ve been working on?

  • Must be present on Friday night

  • 3 Points

  • One male and one female winner

 Post It!

  • Each team has the opportunity to earn an extra point weekly by posting a picture to social media (Instagram or Facebook) and tagging #crossfitcruxopen

 Surprise Categories!

Stay tuned for Surprise Categories based on the workout released that week