MEET OUR MEMBERS | Maria Giorgio


“Maria was a welcomed addition to our Summer Shred group this year!  She walked through the doors a little tentative (like us all!!), with mixed emotions, lots of questions, but knowing in her heart she needed to be in this environment and with our incredible community.  Maria had to learn ALL the moves - from bear crawl, to KBS, to weighted planks and never shying away from modifying a movement when she wasn't quite there yet.  Maria asked questions when she was unsure, always worked her hardest with a smile and sense of humor, and has been a friendly face to many.  Basically -  she fits right in!” - Coach Courtney 

What brought you to CrossFit Crux?

When I first moved back to Stouffville in March 2017 I was looking for a place I can work out at to try to rejuvenate myself. I did come across the website CrossFit Crux when I googled it. The website looked like something I would be interested in but was a little intimidated since I was out of the gym routine for too long. I was used to just going to the local gym in Markham, where I lived for over 16 years, to ride the treadmill, elliptical and a few machines for a few months at a time and then slowly give it up because it wasn't exciting anymore to attend. Months later while I was on Facebook I notice CrossFit Crux being promoted by a few local Stouffville people that I recognized. Credibility sold me. Then finally this past summer I saw the promotion of Crux Summer Shred and I new I needed to join and I did.

What are some of your accomplishments since starting?

I begin in the beginning of July and I had limited strength, no stamina, no endurance, no agility, or balance. I did drop a little weight and inches but mostly I am happy I can finally do a light jog for 200 m, now 400 m with out stopping. I am a little slow but I can do it and I aiming for more. I can do planks for more then a minute, I can do squats, push a sled and so much more that I could not do. I have a lot to go but I have not given up.

What are your goals for the future at Crux?

My goals are to keep up the running with everyone else, to do Metcom work out without any modifying and eventually maybe get into Crossfit. I want to improve my strength, balance, endurance, agility and stamina. Yes dropping weight and inches would also be great too.

What would you say to someone thinking about starting?

CrossFit Crux is a community within the Stouffville community. Everyone takes care of everyone that walks through those doors. All the instructors all have their own specialties of what they teach. However, as a whole they are determined to encourage you and to show you how it is done so you get the most out of an hour work out to embraced the lifestyle.

I have been with Cross Fit Crux only for a few months still and plan on staying for a long time. I am still getting to know Metcom after my positive experience with Crux Summer Shred with Courntney Cooper as the instructor and with all the inspirational women that I work together with. Crossfit may be something I will try to get into next.