Saying Goodbye to Coach Dan

As some of you already have heard, Coach Dan is moving to Oshawa and leaving Crux!  It has been our pleasure having Dan on as a coach and we will definittely miss his smiling face, fun filled classes and of course his tank tops!  
I hope we will see him still lots, but we wish him and Lauren the best in their new home.  Cindy & Sean

Coach Marianne
From practicing dubs together in the old front room and doing partner competitions to coaching and working together...lots of fun memories, Dan! Wishing you and Lauren (and Ruby!) nothing but the best. I'll miss you, friends!!

Coach Courtney
Dan.....the best positive influence and workout friend anyone could ask for. We have been so lucky to have had you around!

Coach Kris
Best wishes for you and Lauren at the new place, Dan! There’ll be one fewer tank-top at Crux now, and we’re the poorer for it!

Coach Mysty
Dan the man! We will miss your smile, energy and motivation! Always a pleasure to workout with you and be coached by you!  All the best with the new house and be sure to come back and visit often!

Coach Michelle
Dan, your positive energy will be missed! You could put a smile on anyone’s face. The time  and energy you put into being a great coach did not go unnoticed.

Coach Allen
Dan, you left before you could teach me the look that earned you the nickname Smouldering Dan. Who am I kidding, we would have never had enough time. Good luck with the next chapter of your life my friend, you were/are a pleasure to coach and wod with.

Coach Rhonda
Dan, you will be missed! Best wishes to you on your move. Please come back for FNL during the Open!