Why Nutrition Coaching is so Important at Crossfit Crux

Our athletes come in all shapes, sizes, strengths & speeds, we put a lot of careful planning into our programming here at Crossfit Crux and we like to think of our athletes as well-oiled machines.

However, no matter how well-oiled they are in the gym - they can never out perform or out work a poor nutrition plan!

This is why we have taken the added measures to make sure we dialled in our nutrition programming at Crossfit Crux to make sure each and every athlete (even an absolute beginner to fitness) can have their nutrition needs met with programs that could be customized specific to each individual!

If you are unsure of where to start and need full guidance and accountability along the way, be sure to reach out to Rhonda Fintelman, our Paleo Nutritionist and Advanced Sports Nutrition Advisor to help get you the customized help you are looking for.

Our Nutrition Packages include 1-on-1 Private Consultations, a 4-Week proven Accountability Package, Monthly Nutrition Coaching & Accountability after any package, Rhonda also runs various nutrition challenges throughout the year for extra motivation, ideas and group support!


Still not convinced a package is right for you? Here are just some of our proven success stories!


Lori W started with a nutrition challenge and jumped right into the Accountability Package once the challenge was complete. She began to see her nutritional changes and new food choices were paying off the way she had hoped. Here is what Lori had to say:

“I am down 24 pounds since I started working with Rhonda in September 2017. I am so happy I made the decision to jump in on her September challenge! I then got right into the accountability Program right after the challenge to keep me accountable. She has managed to keep me going since then! I now see her monthly for Maintenance Coaching. I just told her how excited and motivated I am already because I know I get to meet with her again next week and go over more things to keep me moving forward! It really does help to have someone with your best interest, motivating you and encouraging you through it all!”


Nick M.jpeg

Nick finds a nutrition challenge is just what he needs to keep him motivated and on track, here is what Nick had to say:

“ I have always struggled with weight loss over the years and back in the fall of 2017 I was the heaviest I had ever been, weighing in around 235 lbs. Since that time I have managed to lose over 20 lbs and most importantly keep it off thanks to the lifestyle changes Rhonda’s  challenges have helped me implement!

I say lifestyle change because that’s truly what it is, a diet is here today and gone tomorrow with no lasting results. These challenges, “challenge” you to move outside your comfort zone.

After a while you start to see SUSTAINABLE results and realize maybe the beer and ice-cream are not so important aLer all. So with that said, if you are looking to get back on track and change the way you think, look and feel, hop on the “avocado” diet and join the next challenge!”


Nicole recently had a baby and was excited to start working on finding herself again after the birth of her 2nd beautiful baby girl. Here is what Nicole had to say about the Accountability Package:

“I signed up for the 4 Week Accountability Package when I was 3 months postpartum and am I ever glad I did! Having someone to check in with daily and meet with weekly was a huge help for me!

Rhonda provided me with some great menu ideas, taught me about reading labels and how to structure my meals. I lost 8 pounds and a bunch of inches during that time. The Accountability Package was exactly the kick start I needed! I am 6 months postpartum now and while I still have weight to lose I know I’m heading in the right direction.”



Tracy W’s story is incredible and some might have thought, an impossible one! Just when you think their won’t be more results… she keeps them coming!

Those that didn’t know Tracy before her time at Crossfit Crux may have thought Tracy has never struggled with weight before - because looking at her now, is impossible to know that weight was ever an issue for her!

Tracy has been on every diet you could imagine over the years, yo-yoing up and down and losing all confidence. After joining Crossfit Crux and seeing initial results she still struggled with the nutritional aspect of fitness and she was becoming frustrated with her ability to get it off and keep it off!

Tracy reached out to me. She began with the Accountability Package and set some major lifechanging habits. Since then Tracy has joined in every nutrition challenge I’ve had (and won many of them too!) because of her determination to feel good forever, her knowledge of what she has to do to maintain a fit body and her new strength and acceptance of knowing the work is hard is what keeps her results coming!

The couch is a very familiar place to many people. They often believe they will never be able to change their lifestyle. Everyone has a starting place. This photo was one that Tracy was embarrassed about for years and years. When I asked her for a “starting point” photo - she was happy to hand this one over. Congratulations Tracy, we are so happy you joined in our nutrition programs and challenges!

“I cringe every time I see this photo, but my kids are so cute though! lol”

“I would definitely recommend this program to others and already have!”


Shivana decided to take the bull by it’s horns in the recent Pre- Summer “Summer- Saver” Challenge! She decided she wanted to take the option of trying a low carb keto diet with clean  foods, rather than the usual paleo- approach. To her surprise she lost 11 pounds and won the challenge with the largest body fat percent loss out of the entire group! Shivana won a bag full of merchandise and came away from the challenge with the realization that there is always more than one way to achieve your goals. Here is what Shivana had to say:

"After a challenging 6 months in the gym trying to overcome injuries both big and small, and scheduling time to get into the gym, I definitely gained weight that I was not happy with and felt discouraged. This challenge came at just the right time to help my mental state of getting back into the game along the road to recovery.

Thank you Rhonda for running the group nutrition challenge. For all of you that think that shredding is easy, it really isn't! Anything that challenges you to change your habits, is difficult. But, with the right support system, and coaching these things are not insurmountable. The group setting is perfect, because we encourage each other to keep motivated when we fall off after a cheat meal or a day or two. More than that, Rhonda is always there with good food ideas, and new habit we should encourage in our daily lives.

The rules were strict - but it dawned on me that breaking the rules was really cheating on myself!

So after a complete fail on Day 1, I decided to get some help, Rhonda coached me and I started slowly. Each day I learned something new, and the more I tried, the more I loved it, and realized what worked for me and what didn't. I love to cook and love to eat, and I was worried I was going to be giving up a lot. But I learned a lot this time around, what works for me, and how important it is to get back on track after a night out, and how to enjoy my life with food!

If you haven't considered a lifestyle change, maybe you should! Just ask Rhonda for help, you're in great hands!"



Natalie W has to be the most active woman I had ever met. She knew that nutrition was the missing piece but felt she would always let herself down when attempting to clean up her diet on her own. She joined in one of my nutrition challenge and her results were outstanding! She realized accountability and support was what she needed. She later signed up for the 4-Week Accountability Package and learned how to turn it into a lifestyle. Since then Natalie has continued to have huge composition and weight changes. This is what Natalie had to say:

“I joined Crux 3.5 years ago because I wanted to change up my fitness routine, but I got way more than a routine change! I started working out and feeling better and better ans getting stronger and stronger. What didn’t change much was my weight and I started to get frustrated because although I was eating well and working out I felt like I didn’t look like an active person.

Then I decided to join one of Rhonda’s month long challenges. Rhonda would give us food rules and she became a person I had to become accountable too. I noticed in one month things that worked for me. After a group challenge I decided to try a month long accountability package with Rhonda. Things were a little more serious with dusky food plans and recipes and daily accountability. I now know that having someone to talk to and report back too on a daily basis is what works for me. I know which foods are good for me and which foods are not.

Working with Rhonda got me to my goal weight. She gave me tools and ideas I can use every day to stay on track or to get back on track after a ‘party weekend’."



contact Rhonda - rhonda@crossfitcrux.com