MEET OUR MEMBERS | Joey Genovese


Joe is one of the hardest workers you will ever see in the gym. Whether it is a partner metcon on a Sunday morning, a 6am Crossfit class or a Friday night “Grind” session, Joey leaves it “all on the floor” each and every time. Even though he has only been at Crux for a little more than a year, he has embraced our community like few others, participating in literally every event or challenge that comes up. His incredible work ethic is matched only by his ability to get away scott free (almost) with hilariously outrageous comments that would have others in hot water. One of his recent highlights was breaking the women’s 500m world record on the Ski Erg (yep, that correct, he put it on the Pr board), and he’s also the current Crux 500m rowing champion (for men) with an astounding 1.22.08. He is a pleasure to coach and an awesome member of our community.   Coach Allen

What brought you to CrossFit Crux? 
I was looking for a change in gym and I heard great things about Crux from a couple of my friends.

What was your first impression?
My first impression was holy crap, this gym is full of really strong people!  

What ‘s your favourite thing about or memory at Crux? 
My favourite thing about crux is the programming. I find myself really excited to try all the different stuff that’s thrown at us.

What is your favourite Lift/Workout?
My favourite lift is the Snatch and my favourite wod is fight gone bad.

What motivates you?
The atmosphere, the coaches and the other members are all extremely motivating.  Constantly seeing others trying hard and  achieving their goals is something that never gets old. 

Advice to someone getting started?
Just keep showing up.  I started in 2016 and I could barely do a Burpee. Since then I have lost 120 pounds and have completely changed my life.   Just keep showing up and results will follow, guaranteed. 

Read below to hear all about his hard work he has done with Coach Rhonda on his Nutrition path at Crux. 

Joey decided it was time for a big change and a big change is what he got after the 4 Week Accountability Package with Crux Nutrition.  Joey never had an issue with strength and certainly never an issue pushing his intensity in a crossfit wod. Joey accepted there was only one thing getting in the way of improving his fitness - and that was his diet.

The Accountability Package was the perfect start. He decided he liked the idea of learning about the keto diet since the foods were simple and quick to throw together. Joey also didn’t have a lot of time to meet for weekly check ins - being an owner of a landscaping company in the spring/summer! So we planned weekly phone meetings and weekly weigh ins were done with scale photos. I was able to give Joey ideas for meals and keep him accountable even in his extremely busy work schedule.

After the 4 Week Accountability Package was complete, and results were evident - he decided to treat himself to 2 stress-free weeks of the Ultimate Keto Package where the meals were prepared for him, custom to his macronutrient requirements to remain in ketosis.

Joey’s results were remarkable! Thank you for the time and trust. Down 35 pounds in 6 weeks!    

~ Coach Rhonda