Front Space and Therapy Updates

As most of you have likely noticed, the majority of the construction is now done on the new front gym space. We are still waiting on some of the cosmetic touches and a new front desk etc., but the equipment is in place and it is ready to be used.

To be clear, although this is going to be the primary space for our physio and chiro active therapy, it is also available to be used by any of our unlimited CrossFit members with open gym privileges. We are currently working on a longer term answer for music in this space, but for now it will be controlled by the front desk attendant or coach on duty.

We just ask that everyone keeps the front entrance/lobby area free and clear of clutter and the music to a level that our coaches can talk over. We also ask that ALL MEMBERS begin entering the gym through this main entrance again. Please do not come through the garage door anymore.

We would also like to thank everyone yet again for your patience through this construction process. We still have a few more surprises in store for this new space, but hope you can start getting some use out of it in the meantime.

Introducing Dr Victoria West



It’s great to be here, in a space where people connect, grind, and are constantly taking on a challenge. 

My practice style is built for this community and it’s very exciting to bring each of you the opportunity to become even more resilient and powerful in the gym, and in your lifestyle. 

How I practice is a fresh approach that is grounded in research and creativity. Challenging myself to be innovative is how I have and will continue to develop a practice style that can’t be compared to what other manual therapy practitioners offer.  

First and foremost, I believe in educating and empowering patients - this is constantly reinforced by peer reviewed research. Patients leave an assessment with an understanding of what is going on with them and why - and what the plan will be moving forwards. An integrated movement based manual therapy combined with strength and conditioning follows. Any hands on soft tissue therapy, adjustments, joint mobilizations, and medical acupuncture that will accelerate pain relief or global movement and mobility are incorporated.

Whether it is a new injury or nagging issue, I’d be happy to work through it with you. 

You can access a complete Bio and ability to book assessments here