Nutrition Challenge Wrap Up


Please congratulate Tracy & Shivana on the recent 30 Day Summer Saver Challenge!

These two ladies gave it their all! Eating healthy fats, fish, avocado’s, lean meats and fresh vegetables all while refraining from sugar!  So many members got themselves into a healthier state of mind and pushed through some hard beautiful, hot, summer-like days - that’s never easy to do while watching others indulge in everything from poutine to beer! Not only that, but they got themselves plenty of quality hours in bed and lots and lots of water.

The hard work certainly paid off as you can see from their celebration after the challenge photos!!


These 30 Day challenges are designed to help people step out of their comfort zone and try some new ways of reaching their goals all while having the group to help keep you accountable. It is intended to help people learn new healthy recipes and habits to give them long term success. Accountability goes a long way. We had such amazing results and such an amazing group during this challenge! Congratulations to all of your who stuck it out! 

Next challenge will be in September/October!

If you need extra help getting your nutrition dialed in, feel free to check out our Nurtrition packages here.