Meet our Members | Ariel Teeuwen

Ariel came to us in March of 2015 through a pay it forward in our women’s only bootcamp (formerly known as sweat angels). She was a bit intimidated to start, but told us “ Every time I came into the gym I watched the Crossfit classes before our class and I knew I wanted to incorporate Olympic lifting. After a month of Sweat Angels I got signed up for my on-ramp. “

Ariel has been kicking butt ever since and her progress / transformation hasn’t gone unnoticed. She can be found RX’ing her workouts on a daily basis and has been hitting personal bests consistently.

What was your first impression? 
My first impression was that CrossFit was a sensory overload - all those weights hitting the ground, music blasting…I never thought I could do it! I now know I can do many of the movements - which had been a tremendous surprise. All the things that seemed intense and overwhelming don't seem so scary”

What’s your proudest moment at Crux? 
My proudest moment at Crux was likely when I did my first banded bar muscle up. It wasn't pretty but it made me realize that healthy eating and dedication does play an impact in performance in the gym. I never really saw the correlation but I realized that putting the right foods into your body gives you the fuel to have the strength to lift and the energy to attack a WOD.

What‘s your favourite thing about Crux?
The community. Everyone fits in.

Advice to someone getting started?
Go at your own pace and keep going. Anything is better than nothing!