New Strength Cycle

Another cycle has wrapped up and we will move into a new strength cycle at CrossFit Crux. A lot of thought goes into how we program our workouts. Our number one priority is to help you, our members, measurably improve your fitness levels. We also want to make the workouts challenging and fun while keeping everyone safe and injury free. So without further ado...

Monday- hip hinge/ deadlifts!  That's right deadlifts instead of squats on Monday... Crazy.  We are going to really focus on making sure you are hinging correctly and have the mobility to reach the bar with a neutral spine (3 points of contact).  Working up to heavier sets and working down from elevated bar to the floor.

Tuesday- Interval Sprint day.  Rowing or running working on capacity and translating it into farther distances.

Wednesday - leg day.  Front squats, back squats, split squats, step ups etc.  Mixed bag targeting the quads

Thursday - Oly day. Alternating weeks of a snatch complex and a clean complex.

Friday - strict pull up/strict muscle up focus.  We will working on strength and mobility to get you stronger and better prepared for that first strict pull up or strict muscle up.