Meet Our Members | Shannon MacGregor

Shannon has been with us for over 2 years! She is always in the gym with a smile, an awesome attitude, and ready to give it her all. She is encouraging and eager to cheer on her fellow members. Her proudest moment at Crux was competing in her first CrossFit Open. To someone new thinking about getting started, she says: "give yourself time, and don't be hard on yourself. It's a process and a place to learn."

Happy to have you with us, Shannon!!!

What brought you to CrossFit Crux? 
My friend, Nicole. I saw the gym as I drove by in town. I was in need of a workout change badly to improve myself. She wouldn’t stopping talking about Crux and since I joined, I haven’t looked back! 

What was your first impression? Has it changed?
Great, my first intro class Catherine introduced herself and others too. I felt such a sense community at the gym. This part hasn’t changed, other than now I know the members well and gotten to know their families and have become friends inside and outside of the gym. 

What’s your proudest moment at Crux? 
Doing my first open after a month and a bit of being at Crux. Even though I wasn’t “competing” it was a nervous and amazing rush to do the WODs in front of everyone. 

What ‘s your favourite thing about or memory at Crux?
The members. I feel like all in some way have changed my life. A while before that I was in a not so good place, after meeting my now husband ;) Nick and coming to Stouffville.. the sense of the community at Crux finally made me feel like I was home. I have not been better, felt better and happier... thank you guys! <3

What motivates you?
Nick, if I’m not working to my best potential. When everyone at Crux pushes to be their best I want to work towards the same thing. 

Advice to someone getting started?
Give yourself time, and don’t be hard on yourself. After 2 and a half years I’m still learning that it’s a process.It’s a place to learn, thrive and work towards. So don’t be afraid, breathe and just give into that damn burpee that we hate, but secretly MIGHT love!