Celebrating 8 Years With Crux & More!

Our 8 year anniversary is officially March 7th and every year at this time we like to congratulate our "5 Year Members" with a Limited Edition T-Shirt! Congratulations to our 13 members who are celebrating 5 years at Crux.

Celebrating 5 Years At Crux

5 Year Members.jpg

Michael McGuire, Chris Tiede, Renee Jones, Diana Jones, Gavin Howe, Erin Howe, Lisa McNight, Tyler Alden, Sheri Evans, Tammy De Luca, Hailee Hallas, Deborah Stanley, Michelle Serrano  



We also handed out our Congrats to our Rowing Challengers that competed in the 4 week rowing challenge in January.

Our winners included Adam, Joey Genovese, Lynne Harrington and missing was Lynda Chiu.

Nutrition Winners.jpg

Finally, we celebrated our Nutrition Challenger Winners Karina Capotosto and Tracy Watts. We also like to congratulate everyone who stuck out the 28-Day Holiday Hangover Challenge! For those that did, the results were incredible.