New Strength Cycle

Another cycle has wrapped up and we will move into a new strength cycle at CrossFit Crux on February 19th. A lot of thought goes into how we program our workouts. Our number one priority is to help you, our members, measurably improve your fitness levels. We also want to make the workouts challenging and fun while keeping everyone safe and injury free. So without further ado...

Squat - Focussing on higher rep sets and lower weights.  Goal is to improve technique and mental toughness during longer sets.

Pull - Pull ups, bent over rows, muscle ups etc. 

Press - Bench, Standing Press, HSPU etc.

Oly work - emom, complexes and/or skill work (snatch balance, OH squat etc.)

OPEN WODS (remember there will be no skills posted Fridays, and heats will be set up for all class times- please check the schedule Thursday evenings)

Since it is a short cycle, we will focus less on direct progressions from week to week and more on just making sure to hit the key pieces and give each session as much effort as possible. So you might see a HSPU emom one week and a 5x5 Bench the next week.  Not a direct progression, but if hitting both weeks hard, you will see improvements.