Meet Our Members | Shabeena Inshanally

“Shabeena is an absolute pleasure to work with! She puts forth her best effort every time, is extremely coachable, and is great at communicating. The feedback from an athlete is incredibly helpful so you know as a coach which cues resonate, which don't, and how to make your athlete's experience more worthwhile. She also is not afraid to ask questions to ensure that she knows why we are doing a certain drill or skill.

She is resilient and determined, and I am thrilled for her that not just one but several of the goals she has set out for herself in the past year or so have been realized. She shows up consistently, whether it's to weekly classes, our one-on-one sessions, gym-wide events like the Open or Team Series, or open gym time, and all her hard work is paying off.

Most notably, she has improved her running, double unders and box jumps, and I cannot wait to see what she conquers next. I am SO PROUD! “ - Coach Marianne


What brought you to Crossfit Crux?
 After many years of committing to yearly memberships at the gym, I was getting bored, I was skipping most days and I lost motivation after the first few weeks after signing up. I was looking for a new work- out program. I weighed in heaviest at 235 pounds in May 2017. As my weight kept climbing, I was moving and doing less as I lacked energy, I was losing interest in things I once enjoyed and started to have more aches and pains. My mental health was feeling the brunt of it. It was a vicious cycle. I knew I needed to do something; so I went to Crux- with the goal of losing weight.

What are some of your accomplishments since starting?
To date, I have lost of total of 45 pounds. Prior to joining Crux, no matter what I did, my weight did not go below 220#; only to go up again. Joining Crux has not only helped me to lose weight, it has helped me to sustain my weight loss to date as well. Their nutritional program supported me in making better food choices (no more restrictive/ yoyo dieting for me!). The Grind program physically and mentally challenged me so I can realize my own true potential. I was making small sustainable gains every week. I was lifting heavier, I was moving faster and yes, on most days, I would be craving veggies and chicken instead of a bowl of pasta. The saga continues in a positive direction.

What are your goals for the future at Crux?
My list is too long, but to start:

  • DUBS

  • Toes to bar

  • 20” box jumps (10 reps or more consistently)

  • Further weight loss

  • More Rx WODS

  • Core strengthening

  • 1 mile run

And always always always; beating my previous score/time (I am only in competition with myself).

What would you say to someone thinking about starting?
Simply give it a try. Your first group class- you may get nervous, you may want to turn back, you may feel intimidated. My advice? Attend consistently, do what you can do, challenge yourself everyday, give it 1-2 months and I promise you will see and feel results. Whether you deadlift 50# or 500#, or run 200 metres vs. 5 miles; Crux is family and everyone is there to cheer you on. In fact, the loudest cheers are for those that finish last. You will learn overtime what your body is capable of, Crux supports you to meet/ exceed that potential. Crossfit is not easy, it is not meant to be easy (leave your ego at the door); just be consistent; you will get results for the work and effort you put in.

Crux started as a weight loss journey for me, but it has become much more than that. It is the place where I spend my time working out with a group of amazing coaches and members. It is  the place where I participated in my first cross fit open competition, hit various PRs and showed up knowing that today’s WOD will be very different from yesterday’s. I no longer want to be skinny; I want to be strong and healthy. Crux is where fun, great, meaningful things happen (Jack Attack, CF/24, Hero WODS, Halloween WODS). You cannot beat the camaraderie found at Cross fit Crux!

My favourite WOD?
Revenge of the easter bunny J.