2018 New Metcon Benchmark Series

If you want to see results in any aspects of your life, (personal achievements, career and of course health and fitness) you need to set goals, be committed to the idea and stay the course.  You must be kept accountable to your goals, track your progress, your success and even your failures.  That is how we learn the good stuff and start to see results!

There are several ways to do this.  You can find an accountability partner, set reminders in your calendar, or track through an online app like SugarWOD! 

Every year we help people set SMART Goals. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely)  In our CrossFit programming we also help you see your fitness progress and results through Benchmark works outs and through our programming cycles.  We set the goals and you just have to follow along.  If you follow the program, log your weekly stats,  you will see your progress, not only in how you feel but through the results in your workouts/lifts.  I mean who doesn't want to see that "Congratulations" confetti pop up on Sugarwod after a new PR is set!  I know as cheesy as it may seem, it really does put a smile on your face!  Just sayin'


So at a time of year when everyone starts making goals, we decided it was the perfect time to introduce our New Metcon Benchmark Series.   Starting in 2018 Coach Courtney will be bringing you a collection of 12 workouts scheduled on a 4 month cycle (tested 3x per year). in the Metcon programming. 

So if you want to start seeing success and maybe even some new PR's, it will be important to track your scores for these benchmark series WODs.  Record your score, take notes on how you felt, the weights you used, and any scaling you performed.

The first 3 Metcon benchmark series will appear in the January Metcon programming so make sure you check the daily workouts and get logging those scores.