Being Late can actually be making you less Fit?

We understand that sometimes there are circumstances that can prevent you from showing up to class on time.  Weather, Kids, jobs, traffic, we have all been there, it's life.  Unlike some other gyms, we don’t implement “burpee penalties” for being late.  We do not want to deter someone from coming to class. Showing up late is better than not coming at all.  However, you won’t be able to hop right into the strength work without warming up.    

We appreciate that you choose to work out here and we never want to turn someone away. However, when late arrivals start to affect the way we run classes or even your safety in the workout,  it’s our responsibility to pay attention.

When someone arrives late it throws off the dynamics of the class structure and coaches have to make adjustments on the fly.  “What are we doing?” is a common question we get from late arrivals – the fact is, you missed what we are doing and now the coach needs to adjust the direction of class to be able to re-explain the board talk.   That’s not all, we often have to adjust equipment layout, partnering, and time elements to accommodate late arrivals.

But more important than all this is how being late can be detrimental to your overall fitness.

Just getting a warm-up done and jumping into a class late is not always the best action. This isn’t about how showing up late is bad, it’s about how much better it could be if you didn’t.

If you ARE late, you’re missing a crucial part of class: the warmup.

We have tailored the warmup specifically to the work being done that day. If we’re back squatting, we’re going to squat a lot to make sure your quads, hamstrings, and hips are warm and ready to fire. We’ll also get your glutes activating so your knees don’t cave in. If you’re absent for the warm up and jump in the strength work after only sitting on the bike for two minutes you won’t be able to perform like you would if you had hit the warmup.

If you ARE late, you may be losing the chance to improve your technique.

You could progress in gymnastics or get a helpful cue for technique in one of the lifts we’re working on. One of the best opportunities to coach is during the warmup because you’re moving a much lighter load. This makes it a lot easier for us coaches to make corrections in technique. Being late might cause you to miss the golden nugget that fixes your rowing technique or that perfect cue that gets the bar into your hip during a snatch.

If you ARE late, you may also be missing the essential piece at the beginning of class.

This is where strategy and major technique points are given to you by the coach. It might seem like we’re just up there talking to hear ourselves talk, but we’re trying to break things down for you. We’re giving you tools to attack the strength work and workout with purpose, which will make you a fitter person. These points could help you crush a workout or smash a PR.

That’s what you miss if you’re late! Come in early, move with purpose, become the best version of yourself.

So please show up, even if once in a while it means being a few minutes late, as we would rather you show up than not come at all.  We will do our best to get you warmed-up within a certain amount of time, maybe even ask you to skip the skill depending on the daily line up, but we will do our best to make it work.

For your reference: Here is the Crux Late Policy Guidelines:

Up to 5 minutes late:  no big deal, ask the coach if you can jump in.

5-15 minutes late: you may have the opportunity to jump in if there are two segments to the class – speak to a coach and they will likely get you to do the CrossFit Standard warm up. We will let you know whether there is time for the skill or simply just the WOD.  

More than 15 min late:  At this point, you may have missed too much of the class to get caught up, so we may only be able to allow you to join the WOD for the day. However, depending on the day’s work, you might not be able to jump in at all. But thankfully, we do have lots of classes, if you missed the one you wanted, hang out in the lounge and sign up for the next class. Or if that doesn’t work for your schedule that day, feel free to do the work out on your own in Open gym!

CrossFit Standard Warm-up:

2-3 rounds of 10-15 reps of

  • Samson Stretch (15-30 seconds)

  • Overhead Squat with PVC

  • AbMat Sit-up

  • Good Mornings w/PVC

  • Pull-up or Ring Row

  • Push-up or Dips