Member of the Month | Paige Savery

"Paige might just be the ideal member.  She rarely complains. She is always positive and friendly in class. She always works hard and leads by example.  I'm really glad she joined us for the Grind class, because that's what she is...a grinder. I could put her on the poster advertising the class and wouldn't even need to add words. Just a picture of Paige working at the gym and everyone will get the point. You want results?  Be like Paige!" - Coach Sean

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What brought you to CrossFit? 
My friend Sarah Lake. It was about 8 years ago (wow)...we were at a friends place and she had arrived late because she had been working out.  She described this "new crossfit" as the hardest & best workout she had ever done. After she explained the concept and her results - I knew I just had to try it! The next week, Lori Wagg and I started a beginner program.  We have both been members ever since!

What was your first impression? Has it changed?

It was a bit overwhelming at first.  Not the people (they were, and have always been great), it was just the movements. Had never lifted weights before and seeing people do pull-ups was just something I thought I would never be able to do. That said, I instantly loved the intensity.  I also enjoyed the coached approach and had the desire to get better. 

Has this impression changed?
It is not overwhelming any more. Tough, yes....but I am usually not afraid to try a new skill (except box jumps higher than 24 inches - lol) 

It is amazing to see the progression when a) you work hard but b) you actually write things down.  The act of recording what you can do every workout, is such a key factor in being able to really see and appreciate your progression.  Pull-ups became an obsession - I moved from a green + purple band, to just a purple and black, then a black and then got my first kipping pull-up. It was almost a year to the day...but oh, so worth the effort.  

What’s your proudest moment at Crux?
Other than my first was when I made it to the Masters Qualifier in 2014. I finished 3rd in Canada East after the open that year  (in my age group).  After the masters qualifier I ended up 74th worldwide.   

What are you working on now?
Right now I am enjoying The Grind.  I wanted to focus back on strength - particularly core and this delivers!  

I am also practicing butterfly pull-ups and trying to get the allusive bar muscle up....this is a real challenge for me - I just can't seem to figure it out..yet.  

What ‘s your favourite thing about or memory at Crux?
I love the people and atmosphere at Crux.  Every time I go, I am able to forget about everything else and just focus on the wod. It is really therapeutic actually. LOL.  I also love the bonds that happen after a group does a really tough workout together. 

What motivates you?

Seeing people make new gains.  It inspires me to keep trying to work on things I can't do. I also really appreciate the coaches pushing me and taking the time to suggest specific ideas or progressions for me to work on in my own time.  

Advice to someone getting started?
Just try it.  Don't worry about what you can't do.  Focus instead on what you did today that you couldn't do yesterday.  If you can keep that going for 1-2 months, the results you see will keep you coming back.