Cindy & Sean's Excellent Adventure


When I first started doing CrossFit back in 2004, their tagline was 'Prepare for the unknown and the unknowable'. I always liked that one.  Be ready for anything even if you can never know what is around the corner.  I think it was mostly because I love the idea of not knowing what's around the corner.  It's probably something different and different is usually fun and exciting. Unfortunately for me, it hasn't always been easy to convince Cindy that different is good. But, when you have 4 teenagers at home, change is enevitable.  And for us it came fast this year.  In the last month or so, our 19yr old has started an internship at a startup called We Journey in Los Angeles, our 18 yr old started at George Brown college and our 16 yr old left for a 10 month Rotary exchange in Taiwan. After 18 years of having multiple kids at home, we went from four kids to just one in about a month! Scary. And not an easy adjustment to make.

But as I mentioned, I try to embrace change and find ways to turn what can look like a negative into a positive.  Cindy and I got to thinking, 'why should they have all the fun?' We still want to try new things and see new places and now with only one kid at home, we actually have the flexibility to do it.  So as three of our kids embark on new and exciting journeys, we decided that we have an opportunity to do the same. So on October 29th we will be flying into Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain's Canary Islands). We have an open ended ticket, but are only allowed to stay for three months at most. Our plan is to be back in time to let Sarah start second semester at high school and of course the Crux Intramurals in February. (However if Cindy isn't happy we could be back in a week!)


We are lucky that Sarah (our youngest) is a free spirited teen and is happy to miss the first semester of high school. She has been hard at work on her online courses and is very excited about an adventure in Spain. And of course we are also very lucky to have such great staff at the gym. It was because they are so capable that we even considered this in the first place.

With our great coaches and Marianne running the day to day at Crux, Cindy and I are confident that the community and quality experience that we have built for the past 7 years will continue uninterrupted. Rest assured that Cindy and I will also still stay involved while we are gone. I will continue to do the programming and Cindy will continue to do the bookkeeping and all that behind the scenes stuff she does.


Cindy is afraid that she is going to get lonely over there, so expect to hear lots from her. We are going to start a blog to keep you guys up to date with what we are doing (Cindy has already reached out to a CrossFit in Las Palmas so you should see her first workout posted Oct 31st). We will of course be in touch with Marianne on a daily/weekly bases and all the coaches and of course you guys, to stay plugged into all the happenings at Crux. We really hope that you guys don't even notice that we aren't there. (well maybe miss us a little ;))  We are excited to be able to give Marianne and the coaches more responsibility and opportunity for career growth. 



Now the only thing left to figure out is a proper send off.  It just so happens that it's time for our annual Halloween WOD.  This year we have planned it on the night of Friday October 27th. Please mark it in your calendars. Details to follow, but think of it as a combination of Friday night lights, a Halloween party and a going away party.  And yes, I promise the beer fridge will be fully stocked!

Oh Yeah and if anyone wants a lovely cat for up to 3 months, please let us know.  He might have to become the Crux resident mascot if nothing else. LOL

I'm sure some of you had already heard rumblings of this, but for others this may catch you by surprise. If you have any questions about how this might affect you (it shouldn't!) or anything else, please don't hesitate to let Cindy or me know.

Sean & Cindy