New Strength Cycle

Monday - Squat - Will be a progressive overload cycle focusing on max reps instead of max weight.

Tuesday - Conditioning Day - Lots of interval work, but could be one long wod, multiple wods or wod + skill/accessory work. All in all a super fun day.

Wednesday - Sumo Deadlift - Refreshing technique and gunning for a new 3 RM.

Thursday - Snatch Transfer Exercises - Focus is improving overhead and core strength. Fitness members will be seeing snatch grip push press and overhead squats. Performance members will do snatch balance work. Anyone with an injury or mobility issues will be given scaling options.

Friday - Horizontal Press - Yes, there will be bench press, but we are also going to spend more time on the basics of the horizontal press. Planks and push ups and making sure that everyone understands proper form and what scaling they should be using and why.