The Sparta Crux Team Update

Over the past 6 weeks everyone in the Obstacle Course Racing classes showed up and worked their tails off. The classes consisted of a lot of running (approx. 3-5km+ per class) exercises designed to prepare you for the Obstacle Course Race, as well as specific techniques to conquer obstacles including: 8 foot wall, herc hoist, pipe dreams & multi-rig, balance beam, bucket carry, atlas carry, barbed wire crawl, spear throw, rope climb and wall traverse. Everyone’s dedication and hard work paid off on Sunday June 25th as team SpartaCrux not only ran the Toronto Spartan Sprint, but finished it with ease. While lots of other seasoned racers complained online about how hard some of the obstacles were, team SpartaCrux made comments online about how the obstacles were “almost easy” because of the training. Truly proud of each and every one of you … and hope to conquer Mud Hero (Aug 25-26) or another Spartan Race (Sept 8-10) with you all! 


"This course was perfectly put together by Eddie to help mentally and physically prepare us for the upcoming Spartan Race, a first for many of us. Although the running took some time to get use to, I love how it was joined with obstacles to mimic the  progression and flow of a race. I felt confident going in and actually felt over prepared as we progressed through the race. The carryover from Crossfit was also a huge benefit as we were trained in physical and mental toughness and to be comfortable in the uncomfortable and expect the unexpected. I am so excited to enter another race!"

 - Rachel


If you want to learn more about our next SpartaCrux course, give us a shout.