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The Fired Up is a pre-workout formula that has been designed for functional training. With 200mg of caffeine, the Fired-Up gives you a constant focus throughout the training without having to crash at the end of physical activity. In addition, we added a heart regularizer to stabilize the heart rate. The fired-up is a pre-workout without arginine to minimize the (pump) which reduces the functional movements (eg do a warm-up of 15 pull-up 15 push-ups 15 squats, 3 times). We opted for more citrulline to increase and promote blood flow.

The Fired-Up is a preworkout with little vascular dilation of ingredients to avoid clogging up embarrassed muscle movement with high repetitions.

In conclusion, the Fired-Up is an excellent formula that will give you constant energy during physical activity or training without having to power down thereafter.
We suggest taking the Fired-Up around 20-30 minutes before a workout.

Muscle -Up is a complex formula of BCAA in the ratio 4: 1: 1. You know a What are BCAA?

  • They help your muscular endurance
  • Prevents muscle breakdown
  • Increases protein assimilation ingested after training
  • Refuels energy in the muscle.

We added 100mg of caffeine to provide a constant focus and give an urge to move. We therefore take the Muscle Up 10-15 minutes before training and finish to drink during the workout.

Furthermore, it was added L- carnitine and raspberry ketone to mobilize fat and transform energy. The Muscle-Up really targets fat cells (fat) instead of muscle cells. We can then say that this product helps muscle endurance and prevents muscle breakdown.

The BCAA HYDRATE is a formula with electrolytes. In addition to helping your muscle endurance, it helps you restore your hydration levels in your body. When making a big training either in the sun or in a very hot, we lose a lot of positive ions (Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium ) in our sweat.

The BCAA hydrate gives you 7g of BCAA per serving 9.2g, equivalent to one of the best ratios of BCAAs on the market. The Hydrate is also a VEGAN bcaa so having a Vegan product in stock is good for everyone.

Whether to stay hydrated during intense training or to saturate your muscle BCAA The BCAA Hydrate is an excellent product to recover and help your muscular endurance.
I suggest taking this one once a day whenever even on rest days to help saturate your muscles of BCAA’s to optimize the results.

A Fat Burner is a pill ephedrine and caffeine, which speeds up your metabolism, and as soon as you stop taking them, you make the retention of water and you take double the weight you lost.

The slimmer is a health juice that promotes weight loss (fat loss complex) and not fat burner. The slimmer uses 3 different ways to lose body fat (fat cells)

1) L-carnitine and raspberry ketones mobilize the fat cells in order to transform them into energy. We will really target fat cells.

2) Garcinia cambogia is a small Asian fruit that helps control appetite (hunger). We will feel full faster when eating and it cuts cravings for sweet and salty in the late evening.

3) Since the product is made is based on green tea extract, green coffee beans and caffeine, it helps speed up the metabolism to burn fat faster and burn continuously, even when our system is at rest.

By combining the caffeine that is found in green tea and green coffee beans, we obtain a total of 174mg of caffeine per serving of slimmer. (This is the equivalent of a large coffee). In addition, the flavor is sweetened with Stevia Slimmer (a natural sugar of the plant Stevia).
We suggest replacing an energy drink or coffee in your day by a portion of Slimmer since it is good for us and comes back cheaper than buying a redbull or a coffee at the convenience store.

Do you know the difference between a protein Isolate and Whey Protein?
The Isolate protein had had one more filtration process, making it more pure. In addition, the Isolate protein has fewer grams of carbs and fatty portions.

The 5star ISOLATE is a protein isolate with a high percentage of purity. Each serving contains 28g protein 24g. The raw material used is the New Zealand WHEY, which is the raw material of the highest quality that can be found on the market. Our flavors are sweetened with Stevia, a natural sugar. In addition, we added lactase in the formula of our protein to aid in the digestion of lactose. The Xantane gum also been added to thicken the protein to have a milky texture. By portion of 5star ISOLATE there is only 1.2g of carbs and fat 1.59g

20-30 minutes after a workout is the best window to assimilate to most protein. Protein can also be a great snack replacement (but not a meal replacement). Same goes with the Whey protein.

Omega-3 fish oil should be taken before breakfast and before lunch. (2-3 depending on the athlete). Very active athletes should take more (3).

VitaminD is the Sun vitamin so in winter time you can take more than in the summer time. The vitaminD should be consumed in the morning.

8-10 : Regionnal and Games athletes
5-8: competitive athletes with a big volume of training
3-5: for the rest of athlete types (train 3 to 5 times a week)

Magnesium should be taken 20-30 minutes before bed for the ultimate recovery and sleep quality. The 3 capsules dosage can also be divided (1 after workout and 2 before bed). For women the dosage can be 2 capsules per day, you have to try it to know what dosage is good for you. Taking to much magnesium could keep you awake, so we suggest starting with 2 capsules a day and moving up to 3 afterwards.

The Estro-Form is to be consumed 3 times a day with food. For that reason, we suggest taking 1-1-1 (breakfast, lunch, diner).