Athletic Level Test Day Saturday Aug 19th

We have been working on some aspects of the athletic levels over the past 2 cycles and it is finally time to put your hard work to the test.  There are 3 levels of this test that match up with the athletic levels.  Beginner, Fitness and Performance..  You can find them here:

Regardless of whether you can or cannot pass a test, this is a good indicator of where you weaknesses lie and what you need to work on. So come out and try your hand at the test.  Any questions let us know.

Sign up for the class ASAP please so we can have enough trainers available if needed.

By using these skill levels, we believe that people will be able to make more reasonable goals and achieve them.  They will be able to see where weaknesses lie and be able to quickly address them.  The skill levels will force you to master the basics before trying to move to the more advanced.  In short, the athletic skill levels will lead to better fitness for our members and see more of our members progress from scaled options to Rxd movements. Check out our previous post on our skill level philosophy.

New Cycle 

In this cycle we will be continuing with our pause work to get stronger and more aware of our positions in the Deadlift and the Clean.  We will also use compound/contrast sets of Squats and Push Press where we combine the multi joint compound barbell movement with a powerful bodyweight movement.  Lastly we will have a day focusing on single leg work to get rid of asymmetries ensure proper balance. 

Monday - Compound/Contrast Squat.  We will do sets of progressively heavier squats (the compound movement) combined with a contrasting powerful bodyweight movement.

Tuesday - Compound/Contrast Push Press.  Same idea as above but with the push press.

Wednesday - Pause Deadlift.  Focusing on pauses 2 inch off the floor where most of us fail our heaviest lifts.

Thursday - Single leg work.  Think weighted step ups, lunges, split squats etc.

Friday - Pause Clean