REGISTER NOW | Summer 'Ladder' Tourney

If you haven't been paying attention, we are now just through the first week of the summer ladder, lots of friendly competition happening and it has been a blast to watch? If you want to join in on the fun, we are accepting registrations this week!

Introducing the CrossFit Crux summer ladder tourney!!  This summer long tournament is fully open to any CrossFit member with the goal of stimulating friendly competition among our members.  We want all of our members to join, but we are focused on convincing the newer or scaled members of Crux that this is for them.  Let me explain it first....

It is going to be set up just like a Squash Ladder (for any of you who used to play squash when it was popular back in the 90s).  Once we have a list of all interested members, we will come up with an initial ranking (details to follow).  

On any given day after the tournament starts, you will be able to challenge any member that is above you in the ladder to see who can win that day's WOD (as posted on SugarWod).  Most will want to challenge the person directly above them in the ladder, but if you see a WOD that is your jam and you think you can make a big leap, have at 'er.

If you are their first challenge of the day...and they are coming to the gym that day... they have to accept.  We don't expect people to make a special trip in on their scheduled rest day, but no faking an illness either!!

Only one challenge per day though regardless of whether you are being challenged or you are the challenger.  Once agreed you are locked in, so you will want to get your challenge requests out early to make sure you have a match that day.

Both athletes must complete the exact same version of the WOD.  The athletes can either choose to both complete it as Performance (CRX), Fitness (RX) or Scaled.  If scaling, they must perform the exact same scaled version.  

The two athletes do not have to be in the same class.  

The tournament will be run on the honour system, with the coach of the class able to void any scores as necessary (if someone is caught shaving reps or blatantly not hitting full range of motion etc.). But obviously we do not expect this to happen often, if at all.

If the challengee wins the WOD, nothing changes on the ladder.  

If the challenger wins, the challenger moves up to take the challengee's spot on the ladder and the challengee will move down one spot.

Any CrossFit class that has a WOD with a score component will be eligible for matches. Strength portion of day is not eligible, only the WOD.

All matches will be detailed briefly in the notes of SugarWod by both parties. All members participating must be willing to enter WOD scores and notes into SugarWod.  At the end of the day, we will tabulate results and update the ladder. The updated ladder will be posted online for all to see before the next day's WOD is announced.

This competition is unisex.  Women can challenge men and vice versa.

Everyone that is participating must complete a minimum of one match per week (unless on holidays).

The goal of these types of ladders isn't necessarily to be the top dog. The goal for most should be to just climb the ladder and see how high you can go.  Each step up the ladder means you are a bit more fit then you were before.  The motivation of the friendly competition will keep you coming to the gym and getting those WODs in over the summer months.  We hope that it ends up being a fun way to keep improving your fitness while others are busy sitting on their lawn chairs doing 12 ounce curls. Think of it like the CrossFit Open, but with less pressure as you will be going up against another athlete that is of similar fitness level (and there won't be a crowd of people watching!)  And just like the Open, you will be doing the daily WODs anyway, so what have you got to lose? Don't underestimate how much more you will push yourself in a friendly competition and that extra intensity is what will drive your gains this summer.

But here's the the end of the summer, we are going divide the ladder into 3 or 4 different 'flights' and have a friendly day of competition (think March Madness all rolled up in one day) where we whittle down each flight and find the champions.  So even if you aren't near the top of the ladder, you can still win some cool prizes for winning your flight.  And for extra incentive for the fire breathers...the champion of the 'A' flight, will get their name on the Crux Cup as gym summer league champions.  If that's not incentive, I don't know what is.

We hope to get as many people registered as possible, and the best part is this is FREE to participate.  So get registered as you have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain!!   Challenge will start next Monday if we have enough participants.