New Strength Cycle

Another cycle has wrapped up and we will move into a new strength cycle at CrossFit Crux starting Monday. A lot of thought goes into how we program our workouts. Our number one priority is to help you, our members, measurably improve your fitness levels. We also want to make the workouts challenging and fun while keeping everyone safe and injury free. 

Strength Cycle: June 5th - July 28th. (8 wk)

Focus of upcoming cycle will revolve around improving Core, Pull and Speed scores from new athletic levels which can be found on our SKILL LEVELS page or on the wall behind couch.

We will also focus on TUT: Time under tension for squats and snatch.  Increasing TUT will help build the strength base and make you more comfortable at the bottom of your squat and in your various snatch positions.

Last but not least we will go back to the Bench Press: just cause everyone loves to bench and we haven't done it for awhile.  Plus the increased upper body strength will help with your pullups as well.


Monday - TUT squats (pause, tempo or 1 1/4 squats)
Tuesday - Bench Press
Wednesday - Pull from floor (deadlifts, snatch or clean variation)
Thursday - Conditioning day (could be a long wod, conditioning skill plus wod or double wod)
Friday - Overhead squats or TUT snatch work

A) will be performed at start and end of cycle
KB snatch test
Max Distance Broad Jump
Max Distance Farmer's Carry

B) will be performed only at the end of the cycle
Squat 1RM
Bench Press 1RM - (to be performed at end of cycle)
Snatch 1RM - (to be performed at end of cycle)

We will also be running a LEVELS test at the end of the cycle to see where people stand on the athletic skills chart.  Date TBD,